I am a Houdini artist and scripter with a great passion for visual effects. My passion for visual effects started with an early interest for film making. In 2007 I won 2 prizes (Best Fictional Short, and the Audience Prize) at the Amandus Film Festival* for a film called “Hobby”. The following year, I was nominated in the Best Documentary Short category for the documentary “Wonderbaum”. While working for Flash Studio (www.flashstudio.no), I created 3D animation and graphics sequences for several TV shows produced for NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). I see myself as a problem solver and a quick learner. I have always enjoyed mathematics and logic puzzles, so I had fun learning programming and scripting for computer graphics at Bournemouth University. I have a BA in Computer Visualisation and Animation and a MA in Digital Effects from the NCCA at Bournemouth University. I have since worked as a Houdini FX artist at Union VFX in London for a year, and I am currently working at BaseFX in Beijing, China.

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Programs I use include:
Houdini, Nuke, PFTrack, Maya, RealFlow, Krakatoa, the Adobe Creative Suite, Python and C++.

*Amandus Film Festival is an annual film festival for young people (up to the age of 20). It is organized by the Norwegian Film Institute, in co-operation with the Norwegian Film School and the Faculty of Television production at Lillehammer University College.