Stian Halvorsen - Demo Reel Summer 2012 from Stian Halvorsen on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Summer 2012

Here’s my Summer 2012 Demo Reel!



1 – “Flood” – Major Project

This is my major project from my final year at the BA Computer Visualisation and Animation course at NCCA, Bournemouth University. The water was simulated using RealFlow 2012 and rendered using Krakatoa MX2. A full version with sound is also available on this website.

2 – “AI Ant Crowd Simulation Script”

This is a crowd simulation script made with Python for Maya, which can simulate any number of ants walking on a surface, avoiding each other and obstacles. Different behaviors can be set through the GUI. A complete demonstration of how the script works is also available on this website.

3 – “Nuke NDK 3D Relight Plugin”

This Nuke NDK Plugin makes it possible to relight 3D rendered scenes in Nuke. Using a colour pass, a normal pass and a depth pass it converts a 2D image into a 3D point cloud. Several new lights of different types and colour can be added to completely relight the scene. A complete demonstration of how the plugin works is also available on this website.



Softwares used: Maya, RealFlow, Krakatoa, 3ds Max, Nuke, PFTrack, Photoshop, Python, C++ (with Nuke NDK)

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