Nuke NDK Relighting Plugin with HDRI reflections

Programmed using C++ and Nuke NDK, this plugin allows the user to add additional lighting to a rendered scene in 3D. Using a colour pass, a normal pass and a depth pass it converts a 2D image into a 3D point cloud. Several new lights of different types and colour can be added to completely relight the scene. The project was completed in 2 weeks.



I have now added support for HDRI reflections:



4 comments on “Nuke NDK Relighting Plugin with HDRI reflections

  1. J Olson on said:

    Would love to see more examples of the reflection mapping, can’t see any above?
    Nice work by the way.


  2. Stian Halvorsen on said:

    Hi Jordan,

    Cheers for the feedback. You can see the reflection mapping in the bottom video on this page


  3. Ron Ganbar on said:

    Hi Stian,
    impressive looking plugin there.
    What are your release plans? Nukepedia? Free? Paid? At all?

    • Stian Halvorsen on said:

      Cheers Ron,
      I made this plugin as a programming project at university a couple of years back and haven’t had time to do anything more with it since then, so at the moment I haven’t got any plans of releasing it.


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