Volume Lattice tool for Houdini

Volume Lattice allows you to deform volumes using a lattice. The tool is very similar to the standard lattice SOP, but instead of working on geometry it works directly on volumes. The tool is very efficient, and a great way of deforming and reshaping any kind of volume such as smoke, fire and other volumetric shapes. The deformation is done directly on the volume, so unlike other point based volume lattice techniques it does not break apart if the stretching is big. It is also a lot quicker than these approaches, and retains the original quality of the volume. The user can easily decrease the resolution of the volume while shaping the lattice for instant feedback, and then increase it at render time for high quality deformations. The user can also decide the smoothness of the deformation. The deformed lattice can also be animated.

This is the perfect tool for fixing, customizing and shaping volumetric data, be it static or simulated.

2 comments on “Volume Lattice tool for Houdini

  1. Hi Stian
    I really need this tool for a personal project is it possible to buy it?

    If not, can you explain the nodes behind your tool so i can try to reproduce?


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